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Mandolin Maestro

Mandolin Maestro is a 16 note virtual mandolin created entirely with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


Well Done

A fully An online publishing platform where authors create stories to interact with their readers, made with the MERN stack.



Scarebnb is a web app inspired by Airbnb built with Rails, React, Redux, PostgreSQL and AWS



A hilarious and easy to use metronome that uses fart noises made with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


The Dating Manager

The dating manager allows you to easily track and manage your upcoming dates, made using the MERN stack.

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About Me

I am a software engineer experienced in Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, MongoDB, Express, React, Redux and Node.js. My passion for coding started back in high school when I developed my first application on a TI graphing calculator which was a text based RPG, as I've always loved video games. Alongside the development of my coding skills, I've spent time producing and writing heavy metal and classical music compositions as well as my own gameshow! Creating and implementing ideas in the form of useful applications is my passion.

Technical Skills

Ruby, Rails, React, JavaScript, GraphQL, Redux, MongoDB, SQL

Contact Me

Atlanta, US