Arshia Khoshnood- Condemning Wrath EP


Condemning Wrath EP – Available on June 26th 2016

What happens when technical death metal giants like Children of Bodom meet a legendary new age composer like Yanni and a 90’s dance music supergroup like Labouche?

If you answered Arshia Khoshnood’s latest EP, Condemning Wrath, you’d be correct.

Condemning Wrath is a mashup of unrelenting technical death metal with hints of new age, classical and 90’s style dance melodies. Available on June 26th 2016 on Soundcloud, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Youtube, Spotify and Amazon.

Background Search Party – Featuring Blarjevity Glockenspiel on Pan flute

Background Search Party

Orchestral Video game music Play-through video for Background Search Party featuring a special guest performance by Blarjevity Glockenspiel on Pan flute!